Practicum Week 7

At the start of the week, I continued building final artwork for Cracker Barrel’s activity book. Around the middle of the week, I finished building all the assets that I could at that moment. One part of the activity book required product images from the client. However, the clients haven’t sent the images at the time. My worries were the first proofing deadline was the coming Monday. Therefore, after talking with Jasmine (the account/marketing manager) we have decided to send the project to Sandy for proofing with what I made so far. The product images will be added later by another artist if the studio decides to send the first proof according to the deadline agreement. Thus, after making some adjustments and double-checking the artwork with Stacey, I sent the activity book for proofing.

After Cracker Barrel, I was not assigned to new projects. Therefore, I continued to work on the National Day illustration for Kidzsmart’s social media while waiting to hear back from Dan, the Creative Director, about my next projects. Later, he told me Jimmy Changas and Gringos (my first and second project!) wanted another placemat done. Thus, for the rest of the week, I had been sketching game ideas, layout, and artwork for both projects.

On Thursday, I received an email that we had received the printer’s proof for Gringos’ placemat (the one that I had worked on before). With the printer’s proof, Stacey walked me through on problems or mistakes to look out for at this stage. During proofing, we found out that for Crosswords the numbers were not labeled correctly. There were two different numbers (1 and 2) in the same box. 1 had an arrow next to it pointing right (1 →) while 2’s arrow was pointing down (2↓). However, I learned that the rule is if there are two number in the same box, the numbers are supposed to be the same (so it would be 1→, and 1↓). Stacey said it is fine for this project, but to keep this rule in mind for next time. So, after checking the printer proof, Stacey and I sent an email to Jen, the print producer, and approved the proof. So, Gringos’ placemats are now being printed! I can’t wait for other project’s proof to come in!


Cute clothing drive poster 


Yummy candy that Jordan, the accountant always let us have


Corkboard with artwork samples









Practicum Week 6

At the beginning of the week, I had received feedbacks about Norms and made adjustments to the artworks. After making adjustments to the artwork, I sent the project to the proofers. Once the project had been sent, I continued to work on Cracker Barrel. I spent time sketching game ideas and cover illustration. On Tuesday, I received an approval from the proofers on the Jimmy Changas and Gringos project. So, what I had to do was have the files print-ready and sent them off to the printers! This is my first projects to be sent to print so I am excited but also a little nervous at the same time.  Now, I am waiting for the printer’s proofs to double-check everything before the projects are printed! Afterward, the next two days I continued to work on Cracker Barrel. I finished sketching, showed them to Stacey, and received approval for the game ideas (with little adjustments to be made). So, for the rest of the week, I had been creating the final artwork for Cracker Barrel.

The week had been really peaceful in the office. On Thursday, the company decided to have lunch together because this week is Easter and Good Friday. We decided to have ramen at Jinya Ramen Bar. I never eat there before and always wanted to try it! I was also happy to eat together and associate with others in the company. This coming week, we do not have Easter Monday off, but I am excited to continue to work on Cracker Barrel and see what other projects await me!


Ramen that I ordered (it was recommended by the restaurant)


Sample display




Company quote



Practicum Week 5

At the beginning of the week, I was finishing 4 placemats for the La Carreta. It took up an entire day on Monday and half of the day on Tuesday. It was the first project where I had to create 4 placemats at the same time. So, I tried to be more mindful of the time to make sure I didn’t go over time. A challenge I had with this project was coming up with the phonetic for Spanish vocabularies. I don’t know Spanish so I tried to search on Google but ended up receiving various answers. Therefore, I tried as best as I could with the phonetic and told Stacey about the situation. I was really relieved when she assured me that is why we send the projects to proofers. After I handed the La Carreta project to Stacey for the 1st proofing, she later informed me that La Carreta had not signed a new contract with Kidzsmart, and they might drop Kidzsmart as a client. Stacey said the studio usually finish a project before a regular client signed a contract so the studio would be able to stay ahead of the production schedule. Even though it was sad to hear that La Carrete might drop Kidzsmarts, I learned a lot with this project. It taught me time management and to create a variety of games for 4 placemats at the same time. In total, there were around 15 games that I had to create!

With La Carreta put on hold for now, I continued to work on the National Day illustration for Kidzsmart’s social media. Later, I was assigned to a project with Norms, and this was a collaboration project with Stephen, another artist, at the Gibson office! He had finished the cover and sketches for the interior spread. So, I was assigned to finish creating the games for the interior spreads. After I was finished with Norms, I sent it off for proofing and waited for feedbacks.

Near the end of the week, the studio was very excited to learn a new client had just signed with Kidzsmart! Therefore, I was assigned to a project with Cracker Barrel so Stacey could work on the project with this new client! Cracker Barrel had picked Star Gazing as the theme for the activity book. I began sketching for this project and can’t wait to continue with this project for the coming week!


Example of a Cracker Barrel’s activity book. I get to work with the five characters on the cover!




 Some desks were moved around in the office this week because the studio had a new member!



Timesheet of the week:


Practicum Week 4

For this week, when I was finished designing and illustrating for the backdrop. I got Stacey and Jana to look over the design before sending it to Leigh and Grant for to look over (they are also going to the conference!). I also needed to get their approval before printing the backdrop as tiles and taping it together at the actual size. For the backdrop, I had an illustration Grant and Leigh at the bottom of the backdrop as part of the design. When Leigh got back to me with comments about the design, she said she’s not sure about the characters at the bottom of the backdrop because they might not be going to the conference next year, but they would like to reuse the backdrop. So, I took out the characters and put more textures and patterns at the bottom. After the design got approved, I printed the backdrop at the actual size as tiles and taped the papers together. (This process is similar to when we were designing and taping our grad booth together.)  I was taping the booth at a working desk at the beginning because of the meeting room was being used at the time. It was quite a workout for me because the booth was around 7.5-foot tall haha, but it was a nice change to stand up and move around a bit! After the I put the booth all together in the meeting room (once the meeting was over), a lot of people help to taped the booth to a blank wall near the entrance so we can see what it looks like from a distance. I went back to adjusting the design (moving and changing elements) once Stacey and others pointed things out. Once the changes are made, I sent the booth design to Jana, Leigh, and Grant for approval again. Now, with approval, the booth had been sent to print and I can’t wait to see it!

Currently, I am working on 4 placemats for La Carreta. The hours are short for this project, so I have to work quick!

This Thursday, it was my turn for the class’s Instagram Takeover! This is to showcase our experience at the practicum and it was a lot of fun to do. I had the Canadian P. Eh (Personal Ehssistant hehehe) as the “tour guide” around the studio. It was also a lot of fun to have others in the studio to participate!

Few screenshots of photos taken for Instagram:


The Canadian P. Eh himself







Timesheet (Week 1-4):

It is recorded as 7 hours in the time schedule because it does not include lunch and breaks.

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 4.38.14 PM.png

Practicum Week 2 (Repost)

Practicum Week 2

For this week, Stacey and I had a meeting on Monday with the production manager, Sandy. We checked in to see where we are with our current projects and talked about what projects I would be doing after Jimmy Changas. Stacey said they check in with Sandy every Monday to see where we are with our projects. Near the end of week 1, I was assigned to Gringos (a sister company of Jimmy Changas). When both of the projects were completed, I sent the 1st proof of both projects to Sandy (who is also our internal). For smaller projects, the studio sends all the 1st proofs to Sandy for proofing. For larger projects that have a larger amount of texts, the studio outsources proofers from outside. On Monday, one of the outsourced proofers decided to pay a visit to the company (apparently, it was the first time she ever came to the studio and she worked with Kidzsmart for years).


Later in the day, Sandy got back to me with corrections to be made for the projects. After Sandy approved the corrections I made, I send both projects to Michelle, our account manager, who contacts with the client directly. Along with the project, I sent along a Proof Confirmation form for the client to sign off. Now, I am waiting for the clients’ feedback/approval.


While I was working on Jimmy Changas and Gringos projects, I encountered some technical issues with the Adobe software where I couldn’t open up InDesign files. It was a little frustrating because it slowed down workflow a little bit. But the problem was resolved later in the afternoon, so all is good.


After Gringos and Jimmy Changas, I worked on an illustration about World Ocean Day that will be used for Kidzsmart’s social media accounts. Kidzsmart has a list of national days for artists to illustrate for social media. I worked on that project for 3 hours before when I got assigned to an activity book project for Chevy, a Mexican restaurant, which has an upcoming deadline ( the illustration for social media was less of a priority and World Ocean Day is not until June 6th). For Chevy, I have to complete one of the interior spreads (one of the interior spreads and the cover is already completed by artists from the Gibson office). So, I will be continuing with this project the upcoming week. This concludes the second week of my practicum!

Practicum Week 3

For this week, I heard back from the client about Jimmy Changas and Gringos project The client said one of the game I made for Gringos was too difficult for children. Therefore, I need to create a new game that is easier for the age group. After I made the changes, I sent them off to proofer, then to the client again. Afterward, we received approval for both of the projects! So now, both projects are going to be proofed once again by Sandy (our studio proofer) before sending the projects to print!

Meanwhile, I have also finished one of the interiors spread for Chevys activity book. For this project, the other interior spread and the cover were done by another artist, Stephen (who is located at the Gibson office). At the Gibson office, they were having printer problems where the text was overlaying for the printouts. Therefore, when Sandy told me about the Chevys’ activity book having overlaying text, we had to double check with the printer in the Vancouver office (but all was good!).


Our meeting room.



As I wait for feedback about Chevys, Jimmy Changas, and Gringos, I am currently working on a backdrop for Kidzsmart. The sales team will be going to a convention (either be in April or May). Therefore, we are currently creating promotional materials. One of the conventions they will be going to is called the National Restaurant Association (or the NRA hehehe). For this project, I am working with Jana, the Associate Creative Director. Because she is working on the banners and other elements, we communicate with each other on Skype in order to make the artwork and design cohesive.

One of the highlights of this week was our production manager’s, Pierre, birthday! So, the day before, we were all secretly signing a birthday (which was kept in a document envelope and passed around haha). On his birthday, Grant, the sales manager, gave him the card and a box of chocolate cupcakes. To celebrate, we all ordered noodles from Noodlebox using Foodora for lunch. That day there were only 5 people in the office, so we all ate lunch in Pierre’s office (which he shares with Jordan, our accountant/Human Resource). That day, Grant and  Dan, our creative team lead, also said the studio gained a new client that day. So, it was a very eventful and happy week!


Pierre’s Birthday Card