Top 3 Logo ideas

The above is my top three logo ideas for my personal branding. For this presentation I am only showing the concept. Therefore, the fonts and letterforms of the logos are not set in stone. The bottom two are the same concept, just different iteration. My essence is Sincerely Whimsical and the keywords are persevering, open-minded, optimistic, playful, and passionate. So for the concept of j made of my last name is to focus on the playful and sincere side of me. The lower-case j shows the quiet exterior of my personality, but the uppercase of my last name showing my bold and passionate side. The second concept is to show a playful, sincere side by showing my face in the logo. The logo is friendly with a whimsical side that speaks of my dream of illustrating children’s books. For the last logo, with a cursive j with a hidden mouse showing whimsical and perseverance. Mice are always looking for a way out, in anther way, a solution. The logo is also inspired by one of my favourite movie Ratatouille, where the mouse character strives to follow his dream, and the story behind Mickey Mouse where he was created after Walt Disney had his first character, Oswald the lucky rabbit, taken away from him. Therefore, this logo symbolizes my keywords of optimism and perseverance, while being playful. For my mark, I would give myself an 8/10.


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