Miiko Project

For this project, it was exciting to be able to work with a real client to get an idea of what an actual working experience is like. For the Miiko project, there were a lot of brainstorming, sketching and research. She wanted campaign that is online, and, thus, that is the direction that we went with most of our ideas. Therefore, in our own group, we sketched out all the ideas that we can think of and distilled it down. Then, with the top three of our ideas, we got together with the big group and distilled it down even more. After the chat with Miiko we have a top three idea and we broke off into our own three groups again and worked on one idea. For our own smaller group,  we sketched on what the video would look like and did a rough storyboard. I would say our stop-motion idea meets the brief of the client wanting a digital campaign and that it suits the target audience (due to the fact that she wants her store online, therefore her clients’ experience would also be online).  Later, we got together on a Friday and did the video shoot. For our group, I would give ourselves a B+.miiko_brainstorm011miiko_brainstorm012miiko_brainstorm013miiko_brainstorm014


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