So, for our third project in design class, we are designing our own resume! After doing a SWOT analysis with my classmates, we had come to a conclusion that my USP would be whimsical, brave, bold but humble. So, the adventure begins.


The thought process was a bit chaotic. After making a list of what to put on my resume, I started looking for typefaces that I find whimsical and fun. I chose Archer due to its sweet nature ( and the tail of the j, which I love), and Gotham, due to its similar strokes with Archer. Then I went back and forth between sketching layouts and deciding which colours to use. In the beginning, I wanted to be playful and friendly so I played around with phases such as hello~ and psstt~. Then, trying another strategy, I thought about including illustrations, but I found that took up too much spaces and not leaving enough room for my text. So then, I experimented with the letter j, such as making it longer. Liking the idea, I went with it and chose to use lowercase to represent humbleness. As I was working with, I encountered a problem. The the dot of the j was too high.. Thus, I decided to use it as a playful element. I went back to sketching in my sketchbook to explore, e.g bouncing the dot off, making it disappear or into a character. I went with the character idea and played around with it, trying to make it friendly. And so, that is how my resume came to be!



Self Evaluation: B+

I had a lot of fun with this project near the end. But, truthfully, I have mixed feelings about the way I arranged the information in the experience section. But overall, I am happy with it. 🙂



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