Salish Weaving Workshop Brochure

For this project, I created a brochure for a Salish weaving workshop that takes place at the Museum of Campbell River. This workshop teaches the participants Salish Weaving with twining stitches while talking about the weaving history.

Due to the fact that the workshop is at a remote location (being on an island up north)
and limited space, I believe this creates a personal atmosphere and experience. Therefore, I believe it is suitable to make the brochure a smaller size, almost like an invitation, for the audience (those who enjoy crafts, sewing and knitting) to have a feeling of being in a close-knit environment with those who share the same interest. This workshop focuses on teaching participants specially how to twine (two horizontal weft yarns one passing in front while the other passes behind the warp) the traditional Coast Salish diamond pattern, the brochure has recurring texture pattern (twining) and diamond shape variations. As for the colours, it is based on the traditional Coast Salish Nobility Blankets. (I chose this blanket due to its history and cultural significance to the Coast Salish people).

Traditionally, Coast Salish Blankets are made using looms, spindle. The loom and spindle are elaborately carved by the carver with his own unique style. Therefore, Albertus, being a font that suggests the texture of letters cut in wood, is used in the brochure to emulate the craftsmanship behind the weaving equipments. Gill Sans is paired up with Albertus due to their British origin.

I envision that the brochure will be placed in cultural museums, art galleries, fabric/sewing stores (Fabricland, Dressew, etc), and community centres.


Inside right flap, back, front






Self – Assessment:

I would like to give myself a B- / B. Truthfully, I struggled with this project from the beginning ( topic, sketches, concept ) to the end (layout, typography, etc). However, I believe I tried the best that I can, such as going to the library, looking at brochures examples, going to museums, researching online. As for the execution, I believe improvements can be made, like typography and layout. But there are some moments that I do like.



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