Sustainability Manifesto

This week in class we learned about sustainable design. For this project we were asked to design and write a personal manifesto in a poster form. When I looked back at the lecture, what resonated with me the most was how sustainability is applied to design. The production process, message, strategy, and materials are all considered and practiced when one is thinking about sustainable design.

This is the fact that inspired me to create this poster to way it is. The gears and chains are meant represent thought processes, recycling, and teamwork. I think is it important that we should think about sustainable design and come up with ideas that will benefit our society in our practices and projects. Also, ideas should be passed around, and not kept to ourselves. With more people working together, ideas can grow and expand, especially with sustainability design. Like everything else, two heads are better than one.






Sketches and process


For my mark, I believe I deserve a B on this project. I chose colours and typefaces that I like and represents me. What I wished I would have done is to make the poster more impactful and dynamic. Even though I like the colours, I think the poster itself could use some “umph” factor to make it stand out even more.



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