Postmodern Design

Postmodern design is known to challenge the order and clarity of modern design with social and political meaning in design forms and terminology. It is often subjective, personal, and eccentric where designers follow the aesthetics of placing a form in space because it “feels” right rather tan to fulfill a rational communicative need. Postmodern is difficult to be described with word and can be categorized as moving in the different major directions: the early extensions of the International Typographic Style, new-wave typography, the exuberant mannerism of the early 80s (with significant contributions from the Memphis group), retro, and the electronic revolution spawned by the Macintosh computer in the late 80s. Postmodern graphic design is liberating, free compare to modern design. It dominated design throughout the twentieth century. Paula Scher’s works are great examples of postmoderism where designers are experimenting with highly personal and eccentric ideas. MD_ScherP_Swatch_640 imgres

Examples of Paula Scher’s works


New Wave Typographic


Memphis logo designs, 1980 by Christoph Radl and Valentina Grego


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