Supergraphics and Barbara Solomon

Supergraphics are bold geometric shapes of bright colour, giant Helvetica letterforms, and huge pictographic that can be found warping walls and across the ceiling. It became popular during the late 1960s and graphic design Barbara Stauffacher Solomon was the one who brought this idea to life. Solomon, initially trained as a dancer,  is a San Francisco native and painter who studied graphic design at the Basel School of Design during the late 50s. She is known for using pure hue colour pallet and elementary shape in compositions that transformed spaces. In 1970, she was awards a medal from the American Institute of Architects for “bold, fresh, and exciting designs clearly illustrating the importance of  rational but vigorous graphics in bringing order to the urban scene.” It was said the history of supergraphics would be very different were it not for Barbara Solomon.

images-1 imgres solomon_007_0


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