Advertising Innovator


  Otto Storch, ranks among the major advertising innovator of the 50’s, was born in 1913. The school that he studied at were Pratt Institute, NYU and the Art Students League. He worked as an art director at Dell publishing magazine and he joined a group of art directors, photographers, illustrators and designers who were also interested in Alexey Brodovitch’s design of Harper’s Bazaar. Storch became the assistant art director of McCall’s Corporation for Better Living magazine after seven years of freelancing, and he had received over 300 awards. In 1961, he was elected “Art Director of the Year” by the National Society of Art Directors. His philosophy in editorial design is that “idea, copy, art and typography should be inseparable” which influenced both editorial and advertising graphic. What I like about Storch’s work is his unification of typography with photography. In most of his pieces, words, are warped and bent, which ultimately become illustrations.


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