Wes Wilson


         Recently in my design class, we have been studying the 1960s psychedelic art.  After examining a few acclaimed psychedelic poster designers, I would have to say Wes Wilson is, perhaps, one of my favourite designers at the time. Wes Wilson is an American Artist who is also one of the leading designers of psychedelic posters. In 1966, he invented a “psychedelic” font which was very commonly used by the 1970s. The letters are made to look as if they were moving or melting. One of the things that I like about Wes Wilson’s posters is his use of colour, and the illustrations on his posters. The posters around this era at the time, to me, are really hard to decipher to me. Unlikes Wes Wilson’s posters where the illustrations are more distinct, other designer’s posters are just confusing. Also, the subject matter of other posters are too harsh for me.