PechaKucha project

Today is the day where I do not have to make another PechaKucha project for the rest of the year. The last PechaKucha project that my partner Taeyeon Kim* and I made. Based on the Meggs’ chapters we have read in class, we had to chose a time period  to cover in our presentation. The time period that we chose was “The Asian Contribution” where we talked about how Asia influences Europe’s art and design! One of the things that I took away was the fact how Asian culture is so innovative with inventions such as paper, which led to the use of paper money and napkins, and moveable types. I also learned the history of how chinese writing was evolved from pictographs and that there are no relationship between the spoken and written language. The following images are the note that my instructor made, and some of the images that Taeyeon and I had incorporated into our presentation!



One of the things that I gained from doing PechaKucha presentations is to become more confident and organize since a clock ticking by counting the amount of time that is left.

Anyway, see you next year PechaKucha!



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