Idea Poster

This is a project where I had to design a poster to advertise the upcoming Idea School of Design open studio day using the design aesthetics of the early twentieth century. The style that I chose for the poster was Art Deco. I was really inspired by the geometric shapes and streamlining used in the poster design, especially Cassandre’s poster for the furniture store Au Bucheron. I used three figures, made up of geometric shapes, all pointing towards the light bulb which guilds the eyes to the text at the bottom. This was was inspired by Cassandre’s poster. I also noticed the art deco posters used a lot of gradients, therefore, I incorporated that into my poster. The idea behind my poster is that by coming to the open studio, people would get a more clear idea and concept of what the Idea School of Design is about and its ability to guide people towards the right path of becoming what they would like to be in the design and illustration industry. Thus, the colour around the light bulb is more brighter and stronger in colour.


Final Execution!


Sketches for my poster design


Testing colours and composition


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