Megg`s History of Graphic Design Chp. 9 Summary

During the time of Industrial Revolution, between 1760 and 1840, the inventions of steam power and the rapid development of technology greatly influenced graphic design at the time. Handicrafts were greatly dimisnheds and with the factory systems, graphic communications were into design and production components. Also, there was an increase of range in typographic sizes and letterform styles. The Industrial Revolution was proved to be an inventive and prolific time for new typeface designs. It is also during this time photography and lithography was invented. During the Victorian era, strong moral and religious beliefs were applied into designs and expressed using the traditional values of home, religion, and patriotism. The Victorian era also changed people`s view on children. Instead of treating as little adults, they were treated with a more tender attitude and thus the demand for colourful children`s book increased. Also, this is the time where American editorial and advertising design start to rise. Victorian designs still influences today`s design which can still be found today especially in commercial promotion.


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