Megg’s History of Graphic Design Chp. 13 Summary

During the first two decades of the twentieth century, many new concepts were developed such as cubism, futurism, Dada, surrealism, and expressionism.

These concepts were able to provided insights and processes which still influences graphic designers, illustrators, and artists today. Cubists figures were abstracted into geometric planes ,and the traditional norms of the human figure are broken. Everything are shifted into two-dimensional planes, and sometimes, figures were seen in more than one viewpoint. From analytical cubism, the main subject matter were the relationship between shapes, colours, textures, and values.The futurists paintings were influenced by cubism as they attempted to express motion, energy and cinematic sequence in their work. As for Dada, the Dada movement was reacting against WW1 and claimed to be anti-art with its strong negativity and destructive elements. Artists and writers were concerned with shock, protest, and nonsense as a form of rebellion. While Dada was destructive and negative, surrealism was poetic. Surrealism’s impact pioneered new techniques and demonstrated how fantasy and intuition could be expressed in visual terms. Expressionism was where subjective emotions and personal responses to subjects and event were expressed. Expressionism influenced graphic illustration and poster with its subject matter and technique of exaggerated or distorted proportion and symbolic content.


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