Megg’s History of Graphic Design Chp. 12 Summary

By the turn of the new century, German artist, architecture, and design Peter Behrens played a major role in the century’s design. He has been called the “first Industrial designer where he designed manufactured products such as streetlamps and teapots. Brehen’s design concept was based on Sachlichkeit, which translate to commonsense objectivity. This is where designs were focused on the practicality, purpose and function of the product instead of the artistic style. Designers during this time had a philosophy where a new universal culture exist in a total reformed man-made environment called Gesamtkultur. Brehen also introduced the interchangeable component system with his teakettle design where it had many forms such as three basic kettle forms, two lids, two handles and two bases. His work during the century had crystallized advanced thinking about design.Underground publicity with posters evolved during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s with its first underground electric railway system opened in London. Posters during the time encouraged activities such as going to theaters, zoo, parks and the countryside, and they were the beginning of mass-media modernism.



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