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Randolph Caldecott

For class, my assignment was to explore the life and work of an influential figure, or an era of development, related to graphic design or illustration between 3000 BCE and 1945. What I choose was one of the influential children`s book illustrator Randolph Caldecott. What drew me to Caldecott initially was his name. Before, I have noticed on some of the book covers were a medal called Caldecott printed on the covers. I recognized and know what the medals were recognizing; however, I never knew the origin of the name. Therefore, when I saw Randolph`s Caldecott`s name in my textbook, I decided to select him as the subject of my essay. From this essay, I learned a lot about the history of children`s book illustration and Randolph Caldecott as an illustrator!

Randolph Caldecott

Soap Packaging

For the next packaging project, I had to package a soap box using design aesthetic of the Art Nouveau era. For my inspiration, I got some of my inspiration from Jules Cheret`s and Alphonse Mucha`s poster design. I used paper wrapping to wrap my soap box because paper wrapping was typical back in the days. Some of  the popular themes during the Art Nouveau era were woman and flower patterns, therefore, on my soap box I drew a woman surrounded by flowers on top and on the other sides of my box, I drew some flowers patterns. Women were a popular theme on packages and posters during the Art Nouveau era with their hair as one of the mian focus. The type that I used on the box was a Art Nouveau typeface called Arnold. The colour brown is one of my dominant colour on my box because it was one of the popular colours used during the Art Nouveau. I used a lot of lilies and roses in my design because  in Mucha’s posters he used a lot of lilies and roses as decorations, which were some of the most popular flowers to be used.20141006_00270820141006_00272520141006_00281320141006_002843