Historical Timeline

This timeline was created for a class project in order to gain a perspective of the evolution of graphic art, design and typography that have evolved over the last thousand years. One of the requirements for the project is to choose a historic design style in the book “Megg’s History of Graphic Design. Wanting to choose a style that is simple, bright in colour, and allow the reader to see clearly, I chose Ung Vai Meng’s poster Tequila-Sangria from the Age of Information as an inspiration. I sketched and played around with a few layouts before deciding on using the colour yellow as the dominant colour. I drew inspiration from the poster by using the the illustrated shape’s “eye” as the dot that connect the events to the timeline, and using the illustrated object to contain the events of the timeline. The outlines of the shapes and the timeline itself  were based on the loose black outlines of the illustrated shape on the poster, and, as for the title of the timeline, I used a calligraphy pen.

By Juliana Vieira




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