Victorian Matchbox

This matchbox is a class project where I have to design a matchbox using designs from the Victorian era with the “IDEA” brand name! From the researches I gathered, I used decorative typography for the title of the brand name and a light beige wash for the background colour. I wanted to add a character for the matchbox so I drew Mr. and Mrs. Candle-Wick dressed in Victorian style clothing in a recurring oval frame.  A little piece of the matchbox is sticked out for the matchbox to be easily pushed out. Also, during the Victorian era, women does not have any power, thus I put Mrs. Candle-Wick on the bottom of the box. I also noticed there were a lot of different style of typography and design during the Victorian era; therefore, I used three different typography and design styles for different sides of the matchbox. I used simple border and flourishes as decoration, and for the outlines, I used a brown fine-tipped outliner. 20140928_17010420140928_165746
20140928_170453  20140928_170726